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6 Data Security Measures All Businesses Should Take 2019

In today’s IT world, data security is a lot more than simple scans and firewalls. Even though network scans and firewalls are still useful today, there are many other security measures that businesses should be implementing. These are the top 7:

1. Secure Your Passwords

One of the most important steps to data security is having a strong and protected password. Using free password generators and reliable password managers can help keep everyone’s password in order and most importantly, safe.

2. Lock Down Every Computer to Enhance Data Security

One of the most effective ways to keep your data from falling into the hands of hackers is to Encrypting all of your devices that have valuable information. Encryption can be something as simple as a password.

3. Keep Your Technologies Updated

New software updates and patches are released nearly every day. Keeping your software up to date with auto updates ensures that you never leave vulnerabilities in your system for hackers to exploit.

4. Data Security Virus Protection

Protecting your software from the latest virus protection ensures that your data is defended against Trojans, malware, spyware, ransomware, and more with antivirus software. Using an IT company that specializes in cyber security can ensure your data never falls into the wrong hands.

5. Adding a Firewall to Improve Data Security

Even though firewalls are old school, it is still necessary to keep them around to keep out hackers and competitors who are wandering.

6. Backup for Good Measure

Backing up your data is never a bad idea. To keep your valuable data protected, always remember to have a backup and recovery strategy in place. It will help keep downtime low in the event of a cyber attack.