Our Goal Is To Be Your Single Point Of Contact For All Your IT Needs

Founded in 2001, PDC Technologies is the preferred provider of network IT support services to companies throughout the South Florida area.

PDC Technologies currently provides a wide variety of support to numerous companies that comprise a diverse range of industry verticals and with varying levels of service needs and assistance.

As a complete IT and technical solutions provider, we have extensive technology expertise and a deep customer-service focus that allows us to consistently deliver cost-effective and leading solutions to your business on time and within budget.

Our team of highly qualified and dedicated professionals has a proven track record of helping customers realize the true potential of their technology investment and ensuring that your future investments are aligned with your overall business plans and objectives.

The PDC Technologies team is dedicated in becoming your trusted source for all of your information technology needs.

We accomplish this goal by providing outstanding and personable technical resources, great customer service and consistently add value throughout your entire customer experience.

Mission Statement

Our mission statement is to help your company realize the full benefits of your investment in technology by providing you a wide range of comprehensive and flexible technical support services. Our solutions can reduce your overall IT costs while simultaneously increasing the productivity of your staff.

We accomplish this mission by hiring, mentoring and overseeing experienced professionals, consistently providing excellent service, offering excellent advice and implementing and leveraging extraordinary technology that all culminate in an exceptional value for your organization.

Our overriding goal is to develop long-term and mutually beneficial business relationships with small and mid-size commercial organizations in the South Florida area.

We strive to become your trusted source and preferred provider for all of your technology needs. The vision for the future is to continue to expand organically over time, hire the best talent we can and foster these relationships so that you will continue to leverage our efforts and expertise for your continued business success.

As a PDC Technologies client, we make the following promises and commitments:
  • Your support staff and technical services team will be friendly, professional, helpful and proactive in all our actions
  • Our team members will be knowledgeable and skilled and will have what YOU need, when YOU need it
  • Providing the best network support will be our TOP priority
  • We will support and serve you memorably, lead by example, practice what we preach, and will be committed to earn your loyalty
  • Your technical support team and Network Administrator will view service as an opportunity and a priority, not a job function and will be available when they are needed
  • PDC Technologies will be easy to do business with and we will always do what we promise
  • We will maintain great attitudes toward service, think long-term in all of our endeavors and always keep you informed as we progress
  • We will help grow YOUR business and we will take as much pride in your business as you do
  • Your technical support staff will provide prompt service and will always respond as quickly as possible
  • We will continue to be on the leading edge of technology and will become your trusted and expert technology and computer support advisor and partner and we will collaborate with you every step of the way
  • We will earn your loyalty with quality and value
  • We will cultivate relationships by paying attention to YOUR individual business and technical support needs and interests