Addiction treatment technology

Using The Help of Modern Technology To Treat Addiction

Since 2016, people have been relying more and more on technology. Technology has the capabilities to make our life easier in a variety of ways. From video communication to virtual reality, technology is available to everyone.

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Using Technology To Treat Addiction

While many of these modern technologies may appear frivolous at times, many doctors and healthcare providers utilizing them to make patients healthier. In fact, some of the same apps people use for entertainment are being used to fight alcohol and drug addiction.

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Apps For Treating Addiction

For example, the same way there are many apps for dating, games, and social media, there numerous apps that are designed to help with the technology to treat addiction. The Alcoholics Anonymous “Big Book” is a commonly used app sold in the in the iTunes store. As well as Sober Grid which is used to help patients find immediate support based on their current location. There are other apps designed to help track alcohol consumption or provide messages of inspiration to users, as well as apps with video functions on the phones and computers to connect the patients and doctors immediately.

The Squirrel Recovery app is making a tremendous impact on addiction treatment. The app gives former addicts the opportunity to create their personal digital support groups. The group members can provide support for each other by checking in and help if someone if feeling low or at risk, their peers can offer immediate support.

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Future of Addiction Treatment

There are many more apps that can be used to aide with the treatment of addictions. As well as many more apps that are currently being used to help make the treatment process easier. Technology is constantly expanding. Today’s commonly used dating apps or social media apps could be used to cure tomorrow’s addiction.