Windows 10

Tuesday Tips: 3 Tips on How To Leverage New Features of Windows 10

Think you know the ins and outs of Windows 10? Check out these expert tips that makes Microsoft an award-winning operating system.

Built-in Defense Against Ransomware
While continually backing up data and alertness is the best way to win the fight against ransomware, Windows 10 has some hand builtin features to help protect your files. For example, the Controlled Folder Access feature is there to help you restrict “unfriendly applications” from making unapproved alterations.

This function is created to protect your Documents, Desktop, Pictures, and Folders. This feature also gives users the capabilities to add other folders to the list of protected folders and to allow certain apps to make changes without being authorized. To get to this feature, got to the Windows Security App, then go to Virus & Threat Protection and click Manage Ransomware Protection.

Nearby sharing
Now you have capabilities to share files and links with nearby PCs. Head to Settings > System > Shared Experiences to set your sharing tolerance level, either Everyone nearby or My devices only. With the function turned on, you will notice a new area in the share menu in files, photos, and other Microsoft applications.

Scheduled Restart
When it comes to installing updates, restarting your computer was inevitable. With the scheduled restart feature you can now choose when your computer updates. By navigating to Settings > Updates and Recovery >Windows Update > Restart options, you can now set your computer to update after business hours.

Ready to leverage your PC? Take advantage of these brief Windows 10 tips to help you work more efficiently.