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What To Do In The Event Of a Data Breach

In the digital world, information has become a rather valuable commodity. Add to that the realization that more and more online services require some form of personal information from their users and you’ll quickly come to understand that protecting your clients’ data from cyberattacks is extremely important.

You need to keep in mind that every company, no matter how small or large can, and at some point, will have its security challenged by a malicious attacker. Colossal, multi-billion dollar companies can turn into victims. The bigger the company, the greater the PR nightmare after they experience a breach.

Just to name a few high-profile cases, Facebook suffered a data breach that saw 50 million accounts compromised in September 2018. A month later, 100 million registered Quora users have had their names, emails, and messages leaked. The case of Marriot International is the scariest – they realized that their systems were vulnerable 4 years after the initial attack. By then, hundreds of millions of customers had their sensitive information leaked.

What Exactly Happens In a Data Breach?

Companies need large computers called servers to host their services and websites. Data such as email addresses, names, credit card information, etc are also stored in these servers. Naturally, since they are connected to the internet, any aspiring hacker can compromise poor security and try to extract this data.

You might think of these attacks as a singular event, but that is rarely the case. Cybersecurity experts will tell you that hackers often leave a “back-door” on their target so that the attack can continue for as long as they remain unnoticed.

Partnering with a reputable and competent IT company can help you achieve and maintain proper data security to never betray your customers’ trust. However, if an attack has taken place, you need to act swiftly and decisively to minimize the damage.

What To Do Immediately After a Cyber Attack


To delay the inevitable backlash, large companies that were hacked in the past kept the attack a secret. This is both a bad business move and unethical. If your system has been compromised, inform your clients immediately and tell them what kind of information you think was stolen. Delaying doing so will cause even more damages to both the customer and the company’s reputation.


You need to be quick to locate the source of the attack and stop it from spreading. Before doing anything else, servers and computers (as long as access to WiFi) need to be taken offline. Above all, you must ensure that the threat is completely neutralized before resuming normal operation.

Plan For The Future

Data breaches may come from a dozen unexpected places. It pays to have vigilant and well-informed employees, even if their role has nothing to do with security – anyone call fall victim to a phishing attempt that may later compromise the company. Lastly, bolstering your system’s security and keeping everything updated is the best way to minimize the risk of exposure to malicious attacks.

Cyber Security Risk Assessment

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