Within this last year, PDC Technologies took over the IT support of our four facilities with little in the way of information provided to help them to sort through our equipment and connectivity issues. They overcame numerous inherited obstacles and worked with us to identify and correct these issues. PDC Technologies helped to sort through and dispel some of the nonsensical and fear-based information previously espoused to us as facts. As with most companies, when we need things done we need it done “yesterday”. The staff is easily accessible and extremely responsive to both immediate and often last-minute needs. They provide timely IT support and do what it takes to resolve any issue, whether addressed via the help desk phone or email ticket system.

Patricia Fitzgerald
Director of Human Resources

I recall when I first researched possible IT providers for my law firm. Not one lawyer at a single firm in town was willing to recommend their own IT provider. They were unhappy with their guy – but at the same time, they unwilling to move on. I was lucky. I found PDC Technologies. Over the last six years, PDC Technologies has proved to be incredibly responsive. Once on the job, they updated our systems, fixed our problems, and have always been a text, email, or phone call away if issues popped up. Really, PDC Technologies has demonstrated a strong capacity for organization and technical prowess. Their aptitude for being “on top” of things has always been impressive. Financially, PDC Technology has proven well worth the money for regular service and the ability to stay in budget for special projects.

Lorenz Michel Prüss

PDC Technologies is our business partner in technology. There is no high level of recommendation that i can offer as a business owner for 15 years. I have had good and bad technical support so this recommendation comes with a whole hearted level of appreciation for a talented technical professional & his company.

Johnna Alvarez